The Future of Clean Energy

Who We Are

Intersect Power is a clean energy company bringing innovative and scalable low-carbon solutions to its customers in global energy markets. The company develops, owns, and operates some of the world’s largest clean energy resources providing low-carbon electricity, fuels, and related products to customers for U.S. consumption and international export.

Founded in 2016, we are laser-focused on scalable, transformative clean energy projects that move the needle on deep decarbonization and redefine the scope of the clean energy industry by enabling new pathways between clean electricity and the broader economy. 

Our Portfolio & Pipeline

We have a base portfolio of 2.2 GW of solar PV and 1.4 GWh of co-located storage that is in operation or commissioning. Our business plan includes growth in grid-tied renewables, as well as large-scale clean energy assets including green hydrogen.
Athos ||| 224 MWac

in Operation in California

Radian 320 MWac

in Operation in Texas

Lumina I 320 MWac

Expected Operation in Texas in 2023

Leading the market to more structured and sustainable offtakes for today’s clean energy products while taking new products like green H₂ from ideas to steel in the ground.

High Capacity Factor, Low Cost, Clean Electricity is the Nexus of Deep Decarbonization

The zero-carbon industries of tomorrow are enabled by the clean electricity technologies of today. Deep decarbonization is enabled by the historic affordability and availability of renewable energy. If we miss international goals for climate action in 2035 and 2050, the problem does not “go away.” The climate is warming and our society will be forced to decarbonize well beyond the power sector. This will result in exponential growth in five inevitable industries. These five classes of green infrastructure have the potential to get the planet to net zero emissions on their own, without new breakthroughs. Intersect Power develops and owns the clean energy resources that enable the deep decarbonization of our economy.

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